Never quite a mainstream trend, terrazzo is always slightly under the radar just hanging out being extremely cool and beautiful, and doing its own thing.

Let’s just clarify, we’re not talking crappy supermarket floors here…

We’re talking this kinda thing!

Now I’m not suggesting you to go all out and lay a terrazzo floor in your home, or transform your hallway into the above. There are loads of easier and cheaper ways to get on board the terrazzo train. Here are my top 10 finds…

Papermint Wallpaper, £85 per roll, Smallable

Knot Beanbag, £109, Ferm Living

Bedding Set, from £30, BHS

Unearthed Bowl, £60, 12THIRTEEN STORE

Razzo Pendant, £35, BHS

Pegase Washbasin, £149, Tikamoon

Table Lamp, £25, John Lewis

Bamboo Cup, £7, Ferm Living

Coffee Table, £250, Humblesticks

Candle Plate or Coaster, £20, Trouva

I think there’s a bit of a Marmite thing going on here. So do you love it or hate it?