Lights to (literally) brighten your day

By February 9, 2018Uncategorized

If the thought of bringing colour and pattern into your home gives you a brave and giddy feeling one minute, and then a confusing headache the next, you’re not alone.  Picture the scene…you’re bored with your house interior. You think that you’ve played it too safe and that it lacks oomph. It doesn’t reflect your awesomely dazzling personality. You buy a load of homes magazines and get swept up in all the current trends and you think ‘yeah, sod it, I’m gonna buy that insanely expensive sofa in the **insert wacky colour/print**’. A few months down the line and with a seriously depleted bank account, you’re on a mega come down and left wondering what on earth possessed you. Sound familiar? Now I could bleat on about the wonder of cushions, throws, vases etc here, and yes, there’s no doubt that they all add to the vibe of a room. But this current trend for filling every surface you have with an ‘eclectic’ mix of stuff is just not my thing. And this is where lighting comes in. It’s not just extra ‘fluff’, it’s an essential for any room. It has a real purpose aside from looking cool, and therefore a justified purchase! In my ongoing quest to find amazing designers, I’ve found some fantastic lights that will help you to inject your personality into any room, without shelling out mega bucks. Here are my top 10 faves…

Sarah Fennell Melba Lampshade, £55

Normann Copenhagen Bau Lamp, £190

Anna Hayman Sgt Pepper Satin Lampshade, £295

Nia Rist Dotty Lampshade, £50

Andrew Martin Ernest Table Lamp, £395

Dowsing and Reynolds Paper Origami Lampshades, £47.99

Laura Slater Bloom Lampshade, £90

Greypants Kerflight T3 Table Lamp, £435

Studio Flock Northmore Minor Lampshade, from £50

Love Frankie Marimekko Lampshade, from £40